Design and Animation

Detroit, Michigan

The Verge Turns 5

  • Brand: The Verge
  • Production: The Verge
  • Director: Scott Waraniak
  • Design: Lunar North
  • Animation: Lunar North
  • Sound Design: The Verge

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The Verge, an industry leading tech blog, was celebrating it’s 5th anniversary and preparing to bring their brand into the future. The Verge has always set the bar high for it’s video content and was looking to raise it even higher. Lunar North was commissioned to create motion graphics that would accompany a campaign of 5 interviews with some of the most influential minds of the science and technology world. Each interview subject was asked a simple question: “What will the world look like in 5 years?” Our mission was to devour the often abstract answers and metabolize them into compelling visuals that would solidify the viewer’s understanding.

This partnership invited a unique opportunity for us. As we were beginning our design process, the Verge was simultaneously rebranding. An obvious need for congruence allowed us to work together to influence and inform the interviews and the rebrand. Lunar North was able to create assets that would live outside of the initial 5 videos and permeate multiple aspects of the Verge brand.

The challenge with this project was one of both quantity and timeline. We were tasked with developing content for over 21 minutes worth of footage in 5 weeks with a deliverable launching every week. Developing systems became an essential tool for us. Although each video required unique design and animation, building an asset library kept our designs consistent and quick to develop. Once we had a visual language established, our focus was able to shift to the more conceptual aspects of the design.